Life is a game. It’s the best game there is. If you aren’t loving it, there is a good chance you’re missing something.

How can you not have fun in a game where you get to make your own rules, play the game with whomever you choose and where you even get to choose what you think constitutes a win?

Here is where most people come unstuck. 1. No one tells you that you can make up your own rules. 2. Most people, make do with whomever they get in their game. 3. They let other people tell them what a win is, and they never question it!

You get to make it all up, if you choose to. You get to make it as hard or as easy as you like. The harder it is, the more fulfilling it is to win! And the more value you will create in the world and the more fulfilling your life will be. It’s entirely up to you.

Games are fun when you know what the rules are and you have a good chance of winning. Of course, you don’t win all the time, and that’s cool. It would be boring if you won all the time. Plus most of the best lessons in life come from failure. Games need to be challenging but feel fair. Life can appear very unfair at times and that happens when you don’t know what the rules are. In some cases it’s because you don’t even know what game you’re in.

Life is a lot of fun when you get to make your own rules, choose the court and select your team.

A quick word on games…

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about how you play the game. How do you play the game? You play to win!

I get to live a life that is almost entirely free from stress worry and doubt and there is nothing I want more than to share what I have discovered on how to do that, with people who have a genuine interest in being free and having fun with life. Happy free people are the worlds most valuable resource and there simply aren’t enough of us, so I’m on mission to do something about it.

I give engaging interactive talks on all aspects of freedom, including many on how to be more effective as a small business entrepreneur. I love entrepreneurs. They are the value creators of the world and the unsung heroes of modern society.

I write, a lot more than ever gets published. I’m working on three books; one on happiness, one on myths and freedom and one on small business. I will be very impressed with myself if I get them all published before the end of 2020. I know I could do it a lot faster if I really put my mind to it.

Of course, I coach. I coach very few people. As much as I love to coach, I also love my free time, so I have the luxury of being very selective. To be clear, it’s not about price. It’s about compatibility. Are you willing and am I right for you? Let’s connect and find out.

I invite you to check out the rest of this site to find out more about me: my speaking topics, my recommended resources, my personal achievements and how to contact me.

Here’s to a future where people choose their game in life, love it and inspire others to do the same.